Tight Line Communications provides marketing services for anglers.Are you wishing for sponsorship or working for it?


Obtaining financial support for tournament fishing and/or guiding requires proactive effort and clear communication. Set yourself apart from the masses by telling prospective sponsors what you can do to further their sales and marketing objectives. Give before you take and your sponsorship stock will rise.


Specific goals and a firm strategy for gaining maximum promotional exposure will impact sponsorship decisions most profoundly. Once you have a deal in place, public relations, sponsor updates and media interaction play key roles in maintaining and developing the momentum.


Marketing communications pro David A. Brown has seen the fishing industry from multiple viewpoints – journalist, sponsorship coordinator and angler marketing agent. His firsthand experience, coupled with strong communication skills and strategic thinking have equipped him to provide the right tools for effective presentation and promotion.


Maximize your sponsorship opportunities and maintain strong relationships with these professional services:


Marketing Portfolios: The centerpiece of your self-promotion, a portfolio combines your personal profile with media exposure, promotional experience, tournament success and other key details that define your marketing potential. Essential for industry shows, seminars, face-to-face meetings, and sponsorship proposals, keep all of your pertinent information and materials neatly organized and attractively presented.


Sponsorship Proposals: Your formal request for financial and/or product support, a proposal should specifically state what you services and exposure you are offering in exchange for what you are seeking. Clear, persuasive language that balances ambition with respect positions you well for a positive outcome.


Sponsor Updates & Reports: Most companies require sponsored anglers to submit quarterly or semi-annual updates summarizing activity and exposure, plus a year-end report summarizing everything relevant to their marketing and sales efforts.


Press Releases: Serving an immediate and timely purpose, a press release announces specific news like a top-10 tournament finish, a record catch, or a new sponsorship deal. Press releases should go to current and potential sponsors, media contacts (industry and news) and personal contacts (friends, family, fellow competitors). Each press release should contain a template statement of who you are, what you do and how to reach you (phone, email, website address).


Media Relations: From communicating your interest and availability to writers and editors, to proofreading/editing and ghostwriting services, Tight Line Communications will help you maximize your media exposure.


Web Site Content & Updates: Internet presence provides a convenient communication tool that demonstrates your commitment to professional presentation. Keeping your tournament results, public appearance schedules and media/marketing exposure summaries updated enables sponsors, media and fans to stay in touch with your progress.