WORDS AT WORK – Meet the Writer

David-WriterPageTight Line Communications is led by David A. Brown, an award-winning wordsmith with more than 20 years of professional writing experience. Formally educated and trained in traditional journalism, David has honed his natural writing skills to laser-sharpness and mastered the elements of editing and proofreading.

Launching his career in 1987 with a major metropolitan daily newspaper, David immersed himself in the principles and practices of research, interviews, fact analysis and seamless presentation. These essential tools laid the firm foundation for what has become a multi-faceted, client-focused writing service.

Bolstering his solid fundamental skills, David has enriched his perspective and descriptive depth through diverse travel steeped in cultural, historical and adventurous seasoning. From photographing poison dart frogs and catching giant piranha in Brazil to exploring El Salvador’s historic pueblos and Mayan ruins, to watching wild horses graze the foothills of the world’s tallest active volcano (Cotopaxi, Ecuador), vivid memories never cease to spur creativity.

Whether he’s penning original articles, writing compelling ad copy, updating website content, or copy editing newsletters, David balances big-picture awareness with acute attention to detail. The result: air-tight communication that delivers a meaningful, inspiring message.

Pretty words make people smile. Powerful phraseology guided by prudent judgment moves people to action.